Pipe Bender Machine

Pipe bender machine is one of the wildly used ornamental wrought iron machines. This machine is also called pipe rolling machine. It can bend pipes into different arcs and angles according to different needs. Ellsen pipe bender machine can not only bend round pipe, but also process square tube and flat iron. It is convenient and flexible to use. If you need to process pipes and other steel materials, Ellsen pipe bender machine would be a good choice.

Features of Ellsen Pipe Bending Machine

  • Good work capacity
  • Stable performance
  • Safe and flexible to use
  • Easy to change molds
  • Easy to maintain

Different Types of Ellsen Pipe Rolling Machines

Ellsen pipe bending machine manufacturers provides two different types of pipe benders for sale: EL-C2 upright adjustable reinforcement pipe bender and EL-C3 new electric pipe bending machine.

EL-C2 Upright Adjustable Reinforcement Pipe Bender

EL-C2 pipe rolling machine is the improvement of EL-C1. The two driving shafts of this machine is adjustable. We can adjust the space between shafts to meet the different needs of getting various diameters for the arcs and circles. It is easy and flexible to use.

Ellsen provides several sets of molds of this machine: one set is of combined molds foe materials with diameters (mm) of 15*15, 20*20, 25*25, 30*30, 40*40, 50*50, 60*60, 70*70; one set for flat iron with thickness between 6mm to 8mm; and 9 sets of molds of round pipe with diameters (mm): 16mm, 19mm, 22mm, 24mm, 30mm, 36mm, 50mm, 63mm, 76mm.

Ellsen Pipe Bender

EL-C3 The New Electric Pipe Bending Machine

This pipe bender machine adopts gears and hydraulic device. Compared with pipe benders manufactured before, this machine is more convenient to use. It has a wider range of processing pipes and tubes. The high speed and stable performance of it makes EL-C3 has a higher producing efficiency. So it can save a lot of times and labor force.

Ellsen provide one set square tube combined molds (diameter with 15mm-70mm) and one set for flat iron. In addition, Ellsen has molds for diameters of 80*80mm and 100*100mm for clients to choose. We also have various molds of round pipes with diameters between 16mm to 76mm. You can choose anyone you need.


EL-C2 Pipe Bender

Pipe Bender Machine
EL-C2 pipe bender machine

Square Tube: ≤15×15mm-80×80mm
Round Pipe: ≤ф16mm-76mm
Power: 1.1KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Dimension: 1000×700×1000mm
N.W. (kg): 210
G.W. (kg): 270

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EL-C3 Pipe Bender

Ellsen Pipe Bender
EL-C3 pipe bender machine

Square Tube: ≤15×15mm-100×100mm
Round Pipe: ≤ф16mm-100mm
Power: 2.2KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Dimension: 1100×780×1210mm
N.W. (kg): 404
G.W. (kg): 450

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Advantages of Ellsen Pipe Bender Machine

Ellsen pipe bender machine for sale is manufactured by experienced stuff with high-quality materials. It is the good quality of Ellsen automatic pipe bending machine that makes it becomes more and more popular in the international market. Although the quality of this machine is good, the pipe bending machine price is not expensive.

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