Metal Twisting Machine

Metal twisting machine is designed to twist steel materials for decorating. This metal bar twisting machine is widely used in the field of wrought iron making. Ellsen wrought iron twisting machine can twist square steel and round steel. The wrought iron twisting products can be used to decorate windows, walls, doors and fences etc. Metal twisting machine for sale is one of our featured ornamental wrought iron equipment. It has found a good sale in the international market. And this wrought iron twist bend machine has widely accepted in many countries, such as the United States, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Australia and India.

Different Types of Wrought Iron Twisting Machines

Ellsen provides two different types of wrought iron twisting machines for sale: EL-DN25C, EL-DN25D (two-in-one) and EL-DN25E.

twisting machine parts 25e-1-
twisting machine parts 25e-2 in one

EL-DN25C program controlled iron twisting machine

  1. The spindle speed of EL-DN25C iron twisting machine is uniform.
  2. EL-DN25C forging twisting machine has setting program. It has manual setting program controlled panel. After setting the data according to different needs, this machine can automatically repeat the action to twist steels.
  3. This steel twisting machine has high work capacity. The metal bar twister can twist iron steels with diameters from 200mm to 800mm into pretzel shape. Besides, our steel bar twisting machine can twist steels with diameters over 800mm by segments.
  4. EL-DN25C iron twisting machine for sale can twist 4 round steels or square steels with diameters of 12mm together.
  5. EL-DN25C metal twister machine for sale has high work capacity. It can twist 600 square steels of 12mm per hour.
  6. Ellsen provides different dies of this machine(mm): 6 sets for square steel: 25*25, 20*20, 18*18, 16*16, 14*14, 12*12; and 3 sets for flat iron: 30*8, 20*6, 16*4.

Specification of EL-DN25C iron twisting machine

Ellsen Metal Twisting Machine
EL-DN25C iron twisting machine


Length: ≤200-800mm
Specification: ≤25×25mm
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Size: 1400×620×1100mm
N.W. (kg): 450
G.W. (kg): 510

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EL-DN25D program controlled (two-in-one) iron twisting machine

  1. EL-DN25D  twisting basket wrought iron machine can not only twist steels into pretzel shape, but also can process steel materials into flower basket (also called bird cage) form.
  2. This wrought iron twist and basket making machine has the function of automatic correction. So this electric torsion and twist machine can twist steel quickly and keep them the same.
  3. The iron bar twisting machine is easy to change the tailstocks of twisting basket device and making bird cage device.
  4. Except for the 6 sets of dies for square steel and 3 sets dies for flat iron, EL-DN25D basket twisting machine also supplies 4 sets of dies for baskets: the size of 16*16mm can make baskets(H*W) of 150*80mm and 140*70mm; the size of 12*12mm steels can make baskets(H*W) of 130*60mm and 100*50mm.

Specification of EL-DN25D iron twisting machine

Ellsen Iron Twisting Machine
EL-DN25D iron twisting machine



Length: ≤200-800mm
Specification: ≤25×25mm
Square Steel: 6×6mm, 7×7mm, 8×8mm
Round Steel: ф6mm, ф8mm
Power: 4KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing Size: 1500×700×1400mm
N.W. (kg): 550
G.W. (kg): 600

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Specification of EL-DN25E iron twisting machine

Ellsen Iron Twisting Machine
EL-DN25E iron twisting machine

Max Twisting Size:
square steel: ≤25×25mm
Lantern twisting size:
Square Steel: 6×6×170mm, 8×8×190mm, 10×10×240mm
Round Steel:ф6×170mm, ф8×190mm,ф10×210mm
Working Travel: 120mm
Output Rotational Speed: 13 r/min
Oil Pump Motor Power: 3HP
Functions Motor: 3KW
Voltage: 220V/380V/415V
Packing size: 1570×720×1230mm
N.W. (kg): 550
G.W. (kg): 600

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Advantages of Ellsen Metal Twisting Machine

  • Ellsen basket metal twisting machine is made from high-quality materials. Ellsen adopts high tech to manufacture it.
  • Ellsen iron twisting machine is easy to change dies.
  • Ellsen twisting machine for sale has high producing efficiency.
  • Ellsen  metal twisting tools are program controlled. It saves lots of time and reducing labor force.

Through years, Ellsen twisted steel bar machine supplier has struggled to become a professional wrought iron machine manufacturer. We offers high quality metalcraft twisting machine with low price. And our twisting machines are easy to learn how to twist metal. So choose Ellsen will your good choice. Don’t hesitate!

If you are interested in this metal twisting and torsion machine, please contact us!

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