Mechanical Power Press

A mechanical power press is one kind of wrought iron machines. It is designed to work with metals. A mechanical power press machine can punch, shear, and form various materials to get different shapes. By using different dies, this machine can make and attach different forms on the materials. Ellsen mechanical power press is typically designed to stroke metal materials to get the wanted shapes. As for power presses, Ellsen ornamental iron tools would be a good choice.

Ellsen C Type Power Press Machine for Sale

Ellsen power press supplier provides good power press for sale. This machine seems like the letter “C”, so it is also called c type power press. Ellsen mechanical press manufacturers provide automatic mechanical press machine, hydraulic power press machine and CNC mechanical press machine to choose. Nowadays, Ellsen ornamental iron machines have been widely accepted in many countries, like Canada, India and the Middle East and so on.

Ellsen Power Press Machine


Features of Ellsen Mechanical Power Press

  • Reasonable design
  • High quality
  • Good work capacity
  • Stable performance
  • Easy to operate
  • Guaranteed safety
  • Easy to maintain

Specification of Ellsen Power Press Machine

Ellsen Mechanical Power Press
JD21-100A mechanical power press


Nominal Capacity: 1000KN
Nominal Pressure Stroke: 10mm
Worktable Dimension: 710×1100mm
Slide Block Stroke: 140mm
Number of Stroke: 38 per min
Motor Power: 7.5KW
Total Weight: 9460KG

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Reasons of Choosing Ellsen Power Press Machine

  1. Ellsen wrought iron machinery manufacturer adopts advanced technology and high-quality materials to manufacture power press machines. In addition, Ellsen stuff is first-rate. So the quality of Ellsen equipment is greatly guaranteed.
  2. Ellsen power presses do not force you to heat metals. Whether to heat metals or not, it depends on the thickness of metals if using Ellsen power press.
  3. Ellsen power press machine price is not expensive, although it has high quality.
  4. Ellsen power press safety is guaranteed for its good quality.
  5. Ellsen power press working is pretty good.
  6. Ellsen power press operations are easy to learn and master.
  7. Ellsen power press repairs and maintenance are convenient.

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